Back translation

This library provides functions for back translation of amino acid changes to nucleotide changes.


  • Support for all known codon tables.

  • Back translation of amino acid changes using codon reference information.

  • Back translation of amino acid changes using amino acid reference information.

  • Function to determine all amino acid substitutions of which the back translation can be improved by adding codon information.

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Quick start

The BackTranslate class provides functionality for back translation.

>>> from mutalyzer_backtranslate import BackTranslate
>>> bt = BackTranslate()

An amino acid change from a Leucine to a Phenylalanine can be explained by five substitutions.

>>> bt.without_dna('L', 'F')
{2: {('A', 'T'), ('A', 'C'), ('G', 'C'), ('G', 'T')}, 0: {('C', 'T')}}

If codon information is present, the same substitution can only be explained by one substitution.

>>> bt.with_dna('CTT', 'F')
{0: {('C', 'T')}}